Climate in Italy

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Climate in Italy

The South (also included the greatest islands, Sicily and Sardinia) has a dry climate and generally warm, with scarce precipitations and periods of real drought. The winter is never too much rigid and the autumn and the spring have nearer temperatures to those summer of the other zones of Italy that to those winter.

Don’t reenter, obviously, the zones of mountain or rather the zones appenniniche of the center and the south, that has a colder climate of the lowlands, because of the height on the level of the sea. It doesn’t need to neglect, in fact, the role that the Mediterranean, that surrounds the peninsula on three sides, has on the Italian climate. The coastal zones are less warm during the summer and less cold during the winter in comparison to the inside zones.

And’ for this that the Italian during the period of the summer heat, that coincides with the traditional time of the vacations, leave the great cities to spend the vacations in the place of sea.

The average temperatures in Southern Italy


January 13
February 13
March 15
April 17
May 21
Juni 25
July 28
August 28
September 26
October 22
November 17
December 14